Social Media Offers

Social Media Offers

Even though movies may not be playing regularly, Venue Valet is continuing to develop ways for you to keep your brand in the minds of guests now and after you fully open for business.  Many cinemas are considering offering limited menu items that can be as simple as drive through popcorn & candy, to grocery staples, or even full takeout meals.  But social media campaigns themselves are not designed to automate and track different offers, and it is very complicated to modify your current payment PoS system to accept online payments for just food (most online processing systems are designed to process ticket payments only).

We have developed a system that complements your ongoing social media campaigns by allowing you to present automated offers to your customers through your website, email or posts on your existing social media pages, track the results, and provide an easy payment checkout process.

The offer you would post on social media or your existing marketing channels would serve a number of purposes:

  • An opportunity for the consumer to support the theater and it’s employees by buying F&B, merchandise, gift cards, etc. even when the theater is closed
  • Consumer gets a reasonable deal – saves some money
  • Theater gets revenue – in advance
  • Theater receives purchase confirmations up front during a known pickup time window, that allows the theater to staff efficiently, satisfy the F&B purchasing requirements to satisfy the orders and not have to take a chance on whether or not customers will show up to support the business
  • The offer should include incentives for the consumer to “come back after we open” to again – drive consumers back once the theater opens
  • Get your customers ready to come back into your theater after you open and get them accustomed to this type of interaction as it can be a long term part of your business, not just a short term stop gap


Movie Night At Home!

We will provide the following to help enjoy your Friday night for only $75

  • A hot and ready to serve “family meal for 4” which includes a two large pizzas, one large salad, six chocolate chip cookies and a super large popcorn!
  • 2 vouchers for large popcorns to be used later after we reopen and are showing movies
  • A $25 gift card to be used later after we reopen and are showing movies

This is a $120 value based on our normal pricing! You save $45 and you will be supporting our employees while we make plans to reopen our doors. This offer must be picked up THIS Friday – drive-thru fashion – at [your cinema] location between 5 and 8PM. Purchase now and when you arrive, present your voucher for pickup!

This example assumes you have a full kitchen open.  But, if you are only offering drive through popcorn and candy, or something in between, you can tailor your campaigns to whatever your cinema is capable of providing.  Again, one of the key advantages of this is so that you can plan ahead and know what to have ready, which will limit waste of both product and labor.

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There is no need to wait until your doors are fully open to start your social media campaigns, keep your customers engaged, and bring in revenue.

The Social Media Offers with Payment Processing feature is just one of many products that Venue Valet uses to help cinema operators increase guest satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and maximize revenue opportunities.  For more information about this and other products for your cinema, please contact us at (512) 270-9198 or email