Mobile Service Requests

Press Scan for Service using CallConnect QR Code Technology

Venue Valet has integrated QR code technology into our Cinema Operations Management System and now offers a method to let your customers enter mobile service requests right at their seats.

There is a good chance that you are already using QR code technology by allowing your customers to bring up the food & drink menu by scanning a QR code on the tabletop.  Let Venue Valet show you how to extend this capability to do everything from calling for service, to instantly enter quick orders or refills, or even place a full order and pay the final tab without having to interact with a food server.  This will save labor costs and reduce your service wait times, increasing customer satisfaction.

Unlike the common QR code that you are probably using now, Venue Valet will create a unique printable QR code that will be programmed into the CallConnect system to identify the guest’s specific auditorium, row and seat number, providing your food service staff the exact location where they are sitting – no different than if they pressed a physical call button at their seat.

Lower Installation Cost

Because no wiring or call buttons need to be installed in the recliner or table, using a QR code will drastically reduce the installation cost compared to a traditional call button system since the only item that needs to be installed in the auditorium is a unique QR code sticker on the table top.

Adaptable to Your Service Model

Two of the main advantages of using the CallConnect QR Code based Scan for Service System is the ease of incorporating this technology into your current service model, but also have the flexibility to extend additional guest self-service capability when YOU feel the time is right - without having to invest in a totally new system.  Functionality can be scalable to different service levels:

Level 1 – Allow your guests to scan a QR code and simply call for a waiter to take their order, similar to pressing a physical call button.

Level 2 – Enhance your guests self-service ability by providing them a way to order from a customized list of food & beverage options.

Level 3 – Introduce additional capability such as ordering refills off of their existing orders, view running tab totals, add a tip and pay with a credit card.

Level 4 – Enable full self-service ordering through their mobile device but still have the ability to call a server or manager if the need arises.


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Extend Your Guests Self-Service Capability When YOU Feel the Time is Right

Venue Valet will work with you to determine what service level is right for you now, and create a plan to expand your guests self-service capabilities when the time is right.

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Level 1 - QR Codes as a Replacement for Call Buttons

The most basic usage of the CallConnect Scan for Service system is an alternative to a physical call button.  Traditionally, the CallConnect call button is installed in your recliner and service is as close as a press of a button.

But instead of pressing a physical call button, your guest simply scans the QR code on the table before or during the show and they are presented with an option to CALL FOR SERVICE right on their mobile phone.

They are also given other relevant details of the show such as the movie run time and posted “Last Call” so they know how much time they have left to add to their order during a movie.








Once the PRESS FOR SERVICE option is selected, a call button alert shows up on our CallConnect Operations Management Dashboard indicating their exact Auditorium, Row, and Seat number and prompting your food service staff to take their order.

To see additional capabilities of the CallConnect Operations Management Dashboard visit:

Level 2 – Order from a Customized List of Food & Beverage Options

The next level of service will give your guests the ability to place quick orders from their phone. After scanning the CallConnect QR Code on the table, they are presented with a short list of popular items that can be added to their existing order.

Once ordered, the item will quickly be relayed to the CallConnect screens, prompting their server to enter the item to the guest’s food or beverage order into your point of sale system.

This will reduce the interaction time with their server cutting the wait time dramatically, resulting in happier customers, higher per-cap and reduced labor costs.

Level 3 - Order Refills, View Running Tab Total or Close Out Bill Pay with a Credit Card

Once your guests are familiar with placing quick order requests through the system, you may want to consider next level integration with your Point of Sale system.  Venue Valet can work with you and your Pont of Sale provider to allow your guests to view their actual tab in real time, place quick refills on existing food or beverage items, or even close out their tab at the end of the movie by entering credit card info.  Like the previous level of service, adding the ability for your guests to order refills or close out their bill will add additional labor and service time efficiencies giving your customers additional controlled interaction sing their phones.

Level 4 – End to End Ordering

If your guest service model supports it, Venue Valet can also help you implement a full self-service model where your guests can manage their entire order right from their phones without having to interact with any wait staff.

There are both pros and cons to these service models and Venue Valet can help you understand the tradeoffs between customer behaviors, usage patterns, labor costs, customer needs and expectations of your theater without sacrificing profits or jeopardizing the customer experience.

Let Venue Valet Help You Implement This in your Cinema Today!

Whether your current service model offers only face to face order taking and you just want a QR code based virtual call button, or you would like to evolve to allow your customers to manage their entire ordering experience through their mobile phones, Venue Valet can help you achieve your goals by adding a cost effective, scannable QR code to your customers ordering experience. This will result in increased guest satisfaction and improved operational efficiency while maximizing your revenue opportunities.  For more information about this and other products for your cinema, please contact us at (512) 270-9198 or email