Allowing your Guests to Pick Up their Own Food & Beverage Order with Order Up by Venue Valet

Allowing your Guests to Pick Up their Own Food & Beverage Order with Order Up by Venue Valet

Are you considering adding an alternate service model where your guests place a regular food or beverage order, but instead of having it delivered to their seat, they go to the lobby and pick the food up themselves?  Until the public is completely comfortable returning to the existing dine in cinema experience where your servers both receive and deliver the order to the guest, you may need to offer alternative service models for some customers. Or, you may have found that this model works for certain times of the day like early matinee sets early in the day.

So whether the order is taken by a food server in the auditorium, or at a concession stand or bar area in the lobby, you will need a method to notify the guest when their order is ready for them to come out and pick up.  Venue Valet has created a system to help notify those guests when a food order is ready for pickup by sending them a text message directly to the customers phone.

If you already have a Venue Valet Call Button system installed, this can be implemented with little or no additional hardware investment using the current touch screen call button screens already in place.  Or, you can choose to install a dedicated screen at a central location where lobby orders can be taken and picked up, such as an order table.

If an order is taken by one of your food servers for self-pickup, they simply enter the order in the point of sale system as normal but note it is a self-pickup order.  In addition, they will also ask for a phone number and note the seat location.  This, along with the order number which comes out of the point of sale system, is entered into the CallConnect call button dashboard “Order Up” screen, which is used capture this data and set up communication with the guest using text messages.

Once the order and contact information is entered, the guest will get an immediate confirmation text message confirming their order placed and that they will be notified when its ready to be picked up.

On the CallConnect dashboard, a running list of orders, sorted by order number, will be listed on the Order Up screen

When an order is ready for customer pick-up, a member of your food staff will tap on the order number which will bring up a option to immediately text the customer to pick up their order and the customer will get a text message that their order is ready for pickup

Lastly, once the customer has picked up the order, a cinema employee uses the Order Up system to indicate that the order has been picked up and clear it from the system.  If the order has not been picked up in a timely fashion after the first text message attempt to notify the guest the order is ready, the cinema employee can also resend a reminder text message or go into the auditorium and quietly inform them in person.

Providing guests an option to pick up their food or beverage order can be an easy adjustment if your staff has the capability to reliably inform the guest their order is ready for pickup.

The Order Up feature using the CallConnect Dashboard is just one of many products that Venue Valet uses to help cinema operators increase guest satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and maximize revenue opportunities.  For more information about this and other products for your cinema, please contact us at (512) 270-9198 or email