About Venue Valet

Venue Valet, LLC is a technology company headquartered in Austin, TX that provides a wide range of products and services specializing in transaction-based venue management systems that bring better data visibility to the venue owner and a better experience to the venue customer.

We have over 100 years of combined experience building high-volume secure payment transaction systems and we have leveraged this experience to bring the same level of quality and scalability to a number of new applications including venue management, improved customer experience and logistics. These new applications are built to allow access to functionality from any web-enabled device including smartphones, tablets and the age-old computer.Our flagship product, CallConnectTM, is a call button, venue management and digital signage system available for dine-in cinemas. CallConnectTM uses LED lit call buttons that allow customers to signal wait staff when they require service, integrated with an intelligent software system that pulls information from other theater management systems, such as ticketing, food and beverage & POS, and displays all data using a single, easy to read dashboard accessible to food service staff and management.  Our digital signage system for your box office, bar area, and auditorium entrance also relies on the same information, so these two systems seamlessly work in concert with each other to bring your theater data to life.

Partnerships are a critical piece to our business as we look to other companies to help us provide the complete software solution - from development to sales & marketing - to the multiple markets we have entered. A number of products that we have launched have been through strategic partnerships - and we are always looking for new business relationships to help bring innovative solutions to market.


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