Mobile Loyalty Application Solutions

Mobile Loyalty App : The Cornerstone of your Theater's Loyalty Program

Build Brand Loyalty with a tailored VIP experience

The Mobile Loyalty App is focused on delivering an unprecedented VIP experience to your customers with advanced features, custom branding, and intelligently crafted interactions.

The Mobile Loyalty App is built around your theatre’s own rewards program, and its content is tailored to fit each user’s unique needs. With specialized features such as personalized offers based on purchase history, integrated food and beverage ordering, and a smart, built-in checkout system, the Mobile Loyalty App is your customers’ one-stop shop for everything relating to your theatre.

Primary App Benefits

  • Build customer loyalty
  • Increase sales
  • Decrease employee workload
  • Maintain better customer relationships
  • Introduce new revenue channels

Use Your Own

Rewards Program

The Mobile Loyalty App is custom-designed to complement your theatre’s rewards program. A unique profile is generated for each customer and content is crafted to present a personalized and highly specialized experience. Targeted offers and rewards can be presented to customers based on purchase history.

Connect with customers through subscriptions, surveys, and coupons to build stronger relationships, and sell targeted ads to your customer network through the Mobile Loyalty App platform.

Customer Subscriptions

VIP Membership

Through the Mobile Loyalty App, customers can access everything they need regarding their membership: purchase history, membership benefits, rewards accumulated, and more. VIP membership perks may also include exclusive reserved seating, early access to ticket purchases, and other benefits— all of which make the customer feel like a true VIP member.

With integrations already in place at many theatres, the Mobile Loyalty App is an effective data hub for both the theatre and its customers.


Food and Drink Ordering

The Mobile Loyalty App can reduce labor costs while streamlining the guest experience by providing customers with the ability to order food and beverages straight from their phones—before and during the movie. The app records the customer’s purchase history and uses it to intelligently offer related items and repeat orders.

The app also gives the customer a variety of helpful information pertaining to their movie: seat numbers, showtimes, order total, the best times to take a restroom break, and more.

CallConnect by Venue Valet

The Mobile Loyalty App integrates with the CallConnect dashboard, which allows theatre staff to provide an exceptional customer experience by identifying VIP customers by name, purchase preferences and history, special services they have subscribed to, and more. CallConnect also gives staff a real-time look at what is happening in their theatres—movies playing, tickets sold, seats reserved, dollar amounts spent per seat, and more.

The Mobile Loyalty App does not require that CallConnect be installed at the theatre, but it is recommended to provide the best customer experience and to allow the theatre and staff to take full advantage of existing and planned features.

Theater Toolkit

Theater Toolkit integrates with popular point of sale systems—including NCR, RTS, Vista, Veezi, and others—to create a fully customizable, user-friendly, lightning-quick checkout experience. What’s more, Theater Toolkit creates tailored website solutions for theatres large and small.

Take the guesswork out of your checkout process and increase your online sales. With Theater Toolkit, your customers can easily purchase tickets in the Mobile Loyalty App and directly from your website.

While the Mobile Loyalty App does not need a Theater Toolkit integration for basic functionality, Theater Toolkit is required to enable ticket sales.