Single Use Partitions - Part of Your System for Increased Seating Capacity with Guest Confidence in Social Distancing

Venue Valet has partnered with Telescopic Seating Systems to offer SEAT SUITES™,  a single use divider designed for moviegoers to easily place between other groups of people.

Standard Features & Options

  • Advertisements and content can be coordinated with your screen advertisement provider to help offset costs
  • Nominal out of pocket expense
  • Ongoing revenue source
  • Increase guest loyalty through direct and traceable interaction
  • Creates an instant private suite experience for your guests
  • 100% recyclable with Antimicrobial finishes
  • Easily installed by guests on all manufacturer's recliners and premium seating
  • Increase effectiveness of advertisements and content with SmartScan QR code technology by Venue Valet



Fully Customizable Single Use Partitions

SEAT SUITES partitions are double sided color prints and fully customizable with any content such as advertisements, offers, specials, or coming attractions.


Front Side Example

Product placement that reinforces your pre-show advertisements

  • Full color print with room for advertisement or promotion
  • Links for guest to get more information about advertisement by scanning the QR code with their mobile phone or entering a text message short code

Back Side Example

Information about your cinema with direct links to bring up additional details such as:

  • House Rules
  • Link to full menu or concessions stand items available for purchase
  • For full service cinemas, guest can initially use the "Scan for Service" QR code pre-show and then use their phone browser to place subsequent orders or to close our their check at the end of the feature
  • Invitation to join your VIP Loyalty Program or collect promotional awards
  • Anything else that is convenient for your guests to view pre-show


SmartScan QR Code & Reporting Technology by Venue Valet

Content on each SEAT SUITES partition is further enhanced with a visible QR code that guests can scan with their mobile phone. Once the guest scans the QR code, they are immediately taken to a user friendly mobile web page where they can get more details about the advertisement, respond to an offer, view your food & beverage menu, or even place a food & beverage order using the Venue Valet Mobile Ordering system.

  • Click to get additional details about the advertisement
  • Direct link to your cinemas concessions or full food & beverage menu
  • Immediate food & beverage order placement through the Venue Valet Mobile Ordering system
  • Instant promotion of theatre offers and daily specials
  • Links to local retailer coupons and offers
  • Easy response to online surveys or direct links to your cinema social media sites

With Telescopic Seating Systems SEATSUITES and the Venue Valet SmartScan QR Code & Reporting Technology, you control the guest experience while reinforcing social distancing best practices in a cost effective way.


Automatically Track Results

Unlike traditional printed advertisements, when your guest scans a QR code to respond to an offer, their activity will be saved and compiled in the Venue Valet Reporting system that will be combined with other metrics to measure the true effectiveness of an individual offer or advertisement.  If the customer is a member of your loyalty program, their scan and browsing results can be automatically associated with their loyalty account, further enhancing their user profile, purchase history and preferences.  Example is the guest VIP Member Profile shown on the Venue Valet Operations Management Dashboard

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