Custom Call Button System for Dine-in Theaters

The CallConnectTM Call Button System is much more than just a call button.

Our integrated call button system functions as an extended member of your food service staff, alerting them the moment a customer presses their call button...all the way through the end of the movie when we remind them to drop off their checks

The Venue Valet Call Button System now gives your Cinema the choice of either traditional installed call buttons or now available, Virtual QR Code Based Call Buttons, scannable using a mobile phone!  Both options will alert the same way on our CallConnect Call Button Dashboard

Some Key Features:

  • Custom Call Button Brackets and End Row Markers - Our design team will create a call button and bracket solution that combines form and function for recliner or table installation. Options include multiple colors and designs, illuminated or non-illuminated brackets with row & seat number, down lights for aisle illumination, and illuminated row markers.
  • Works with the CallConnect Operations Management Software - All call button activity is displayed and captured on the CallConnect Operations Management Software
    • No special monitors or applications required -  all data is accessible using any web based browser connected to your internal or external network.  The touch enabled dashboard can show which seats have placed orders, how much $$ a customer has spent on their food order, which orders/seats have a credit card on file, and flags specific food/beverage items that have been ordered (alcohol, etc.)
    • Integrated with your existing food, beverage, ticketing, POS, and movie scheduling systems -  provides real time information that is critical to your food server staff during a movie such as sold and assigned seats, movies start and end times, occupancy rates and food & beverage sales.  Since the system is aware of when movies start and end, the CallConnectTM system will remind your food servers on items such as refill rounds, bus tables, drop checks, etc.
  • CallConnectTM Reporting Dashboard - real time call button monitoring is only the start.  Access the CallConnectTM reporting system to pull comprehensive, up to the minute reports on call button statistics, food & beverage and ticket sales.  Track historical service and sales data from any time period, presented in easy to read format or export data to a spreadsheet for integration into your current accounting system
  • Digital Signage system - for your box office, bar area, and auditorium entrance also relies on the same information, so these two systems seamlessly work in concert with each other
  • Seat Occupancy Sensors - optional sensors in the seats that detect when a seat is occupied (or not) so that SOLD, UNSOLD, OCCUPIED, UNOCCUPIED seats can be identified on the monitoring screens
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