Reporting Software

CallConnect Reporting Software Improves Customer Service and Maximizes Operational Efficiency

Now included as a standard part of all Venue Valet Call Button System and Operations Management Software packages, the CallConnect Enhanced Reporting Software gives your theater management team access to a powerful tool that can help streamline customer service and spot trends that can negatively affect your operational efficiency.

Real time metrics such as ticket, food & beverage sales, current and future occupancy, clocked in employees and service quality are all automatically pulled in from various point of sale and operations systems throughout the theater and presented on an easy to read operations dashboard.

For cinemas that have multiple locations, the CallConnect Reporting Software can also be used to identify key sales or service trends that would otherwise not be evident by logging into a single system. Cinemas can use the Venue Valet software as a planning tool to help optimize employee coverage for upcoming shows or predict future sales. It not only provides a snapshot of current information to help theatre operations in real time, but also taps into historical data from their theatre systems to help them plan in advance. For example, a manager or cinema owner can compare current week’s ticket sales against a previous week. Or if they want to focus on one movie timeslot across all sites, they will have visibility to ticket sales, food & beverage, occupancy rates, service response times and other analytics across sites all on a single screen.

Is printing and comparing multiple spreadsheets or reports from different theatre management systems side by side driving you crazy? It’s probably not the most efficient use of you or your team members time, let alone the high probability of transposing errors. The CallConnect Reporting Software consolidates data across your multiple sites and provides your management team both real time and historical metrics, giving them the data they need to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiency - all by logging onto a single system.

Management Made Easy

CallConnect Reporting Software pulls in data from multiple theatre systems such as ticket, F&B, PoS, time clock and call button response times and calculates metrics to make real time decisions. It was purpose built to consolidate data from these systems and presents it in an easy to understand, actionable format so you can make real time changes.

For customers that want to truly optimize their service model, Venue Valet can provide additional data reporting capabilities that gives you the tools to help them predict items like future occupancy that leads to kitchen capacity bubbles. You can use this data to manage your labor and make real time changes.

Multiple Site Views From Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile Phone

For cinemas that have multiple locations, the CallConnect Reporting Software consolidates data across all of your sites so you can compare different stores side by side anywhere, on any device, and see how each site is performing against one other, spot trends, and make tweaks to operations that will benefit all of your locations.


Historical & Real Time Reporting

CallConnect Reporting Software accesses real time and historical data so you can view critical information without having to log onto separate systems.  Pull reports from any period in time, analyze past results or plan in advance.  Compare current week’s ticket sales against a previous week, or focus on one movie timeslot across multiple days.  No more manual spreadsheets to print and compare!

Some Key Features:

  • Consolidated Data - pulls in data acrsoss multiple theatre systems (Ticket PoS, Food/Beverage PoS, Timeclock, Call Button Resonse & Service Times and presents on a single dashboard
  • Multiple Site Support - View sales, service, and occupancy across all locations in your entire theatre chain
  • Real Time and Historical Reporting - Access up to the minute data or pull data from any historical time period
  • Easy of use - centralized web browser based console manages all content and settings
  • Real time Snapshot & Historical Metrics of site operations
    • Ticket and Food & Beverage Sales
      • Current and Calculated Per cap sales
    • Payroll
      • Payroll percentage of sales
      • Sales per labor hour
      • Punched in employees
    • Trending Analysis & Metrics
      • Service stats
      • Future occupancy trends
      • Service quality efficiency
    • Custom Fields
      • Ability to customize data or metrics based on your own business needs