Flix Brewhouse: San Antonio

Venue Valet Latest Install: Flix Brewhouse San Antonio

Flix Brewhouse just opened its newest full service dine in cinema and brewery in San Antonio, complete with Venue Valet call buttons and digital signage throughout the theater.

“We are the only first-run movie theater anywhere that has a fully operational brewery anywhere in town,” said Greg Johnson, director of sales and marketing for the Round Rock-based cinema-eatery-microbrewery. “We do take our beer very seriously.”  And whenever a customer wants a beer (or refill), their request is only a button press away.

Call Button System

Venue Valet worked with Telescopic Seating to create an integrated service call button that is build right into the easy-glide tables, within easy reach of the customers fingertips.

Like at all our other call button installations, after a customer presses the call button the service request is immediately shown on the Venue Valet call button monitor, alerting a Flix Brewhouse server to respond and take their order. Our call buttons have been proven to increase customer satisfaction knowing guests have an easy way to call for service, while adding to increased revenue for the venue throughout the movie.

To make it easier for food staff to quickly locate customers who are requesting service, we installed a color coded server facing LED light that highlights the customers table location, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a timely response.

Digital Signage

Flix Brewhouse also uses our CallConnect digital signage solution for their box office, auditoriums entrances, and lobby posters.  We worked closely with the Flix Brewhouse marketing department to ensure the digital signage design and layout focuses their customers attention with valuable information, while reinforcing the Flix Brewhouse brand.

“Venue Valet provides a very cost effective and manageable digital signage system that guides our guests from the moment they approach the box office, stops to enjoy a beer in our bar, and is then prompted when its time to make their way to the theater to watch their movie”, said Greg Johnson of Flix Brewhouse. "It really helps us manage customer workflow on a busy weekend night."


Construction Project Plan

One of the common challenges with installing any theatre system is aligning with the complex construction and building schedule.  We worked lock step with Flix Brewhouse and their general contractor, Twin Shores, to ensure our call button system was installed on time and on budget.  Every installation we do includes shop drawing and detailed project plan.



Whether you have a new building project already in the works or are just thinking about remodeling or retrofitting, Venue Valet can help you reach your goals with the many products we use to increase guest satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and maximize revenue opportunities.  For more information about this and other products for your cinema, please contact us at (512) 270-9198 or email contact@venue-valet.com