Fridley’s Theatres : Waukee, Iowa

In March,  Venue Valet completed our install at the newest Fridley Theatres in Waukee, Iowa. We installed a multi-color edge lit acrylic call button bracket on the front of each recliner arm, provided by Encore, in the 8 full-service dine-in auditoriums in addition to our complete CallConnect system with Vista POS integration. R.L. Fridley Theatres, […]

Cut! by Cinemark : Frisco, Texas

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”4″ display=”basic_thumbnail” maximum_entity_count=”20″] At the new Cinemark Cut theatre, guests will experience these amenities including: 10 screens Seat-side dining with call button service Full dining menu including hand-crafted pizza fired in an Italian stone oven Craft cocktails from a full-service bar An inviting outside patio with a fire pit and social games A […]

Theatre Box : San Diego, California

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”3″ display=”basic_thumbnail”] Downtown San Diego gains a new entertainment wonderland this week with the premiere of Theatre Box, which combines a luxury movie theatre with nine bars and six food venues spread across the two story, 73,000-square-foot space. The multi-million dollar transformation of the city block, formerly Reading Cinemas Gaslamp, is a partnership […]

Bellevue’s new 21+ movie theatre changes the way you watch movies

Michael King, KING 3:29 PM. PDT August 02, 2017 The latest, greatest in tech, luxury and gourmet food at Cinemark Reserve Lincoln Square in Bellevue. SEATTLE – You can choose your own seat, butter your own popcorn, then watch a film on a curved screen with wraparound sound, all while enjoying seat-side service from a full […]

Ok, Who’s Next? – Creating a Safe and Responsive Service Workflow

Ok, Who’s Next? Have you ever stood at a deli counter watching other people get served first, even though you were next in line? Unfortunately, this is a common problem that customers at dine in cinemas face all the time but can be easily solved. During the busiest, most chaotic time before a movie starts […]

Creating a Safe and Responsive Service Workflow-Lighting the Pathway

 Lighting the Pathway Venue Valet’s Call Button with Integrated Downlighting combines form and function with an illuminated call button, backlit row & seat numbering and a downlight for customer convenience and aisle safety.Dine in cinemas have unique lighting considerations that non-dine in cinemas don’t have to contend with. Pathway lighting used to be just for […]